3 Live Acts to Make Your Next Even More Fun

Cover bands. Stand-up comedians. DJs.

If you’ve been to any big party, reunion, convention, or similar event, chances are you’ve gotten used to the same array of live acts. Maybe you’re craving something new and different.

Well, they say if you want something done right you should do it yourself.

Planning a major get-together of your own? Here are three cool and creative entertainment ideas that are sure to blow your guests away.


Hypnosis isn’t real, is it? Find out for yourself by bringing a hypnotist to your next event. Perfect for quieter mid-sized gatherings, a hypnotist performance is unique both for the audience and the participants, and provides a dimension of interactive involvement few other options can.

Typically, a hypnotist will gather a group of volunteers onstage or near the front of the room, put them in a trance, and then ask them to do a number of strange, surprising, and just plain silly tasks to the surprise and amazement of the onlookers.

Want to see your best friend bark like a dog or your boss try to eat her shoe like it’s a slice of cake? If so you’re pretty weird, but a hypnotist is just what you’re looking for.

Celeb lookalikes

On a budget? Maybe you don’t have the kind of dough to hire Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, or Barack Obama to schmooze with your partygoers for an evening, but there’s no reason you can’t get the next best thing.

Having a small army of celebrity impersonators walking around doing their shtick and spouting off all their famous catchphrases is an experience no one in attendance will ever forget, especially not when they go home with selfies showing themselves sharing drinks with their favorite stars (well, kinda).

Adding a campy, tongue-in-cheek sense of fun to any gathering, a good celebrity impersonator is sometimes even better than the real thing.

Go go dancers

Planning something a bit more raucous? Trying to capture the wild, high-energy vibe of a neon-lit nightclub? Add some kinetic energy (and sex appeal) to your blowout by hiring a troupe of go go dancers to shake their stuff.

Whether perched atop tabletops or locked up in cages, dotting the periphery of your party with pretty, perky, and perfectly placed dancing girls (or guys) is a great way of adding a bit of rock ‘n’ roll decadence to the proceedings.

If you’re thinking “Where the heck am I going to find go go dancers for hire near me in this day and age?” you might be surprised. In recent years, go go has come back as a retro-chic entertainment option.

Spare some time for entertainment to relieve your stress

Untiringly working hard for earning money for a happy living but continue to work without a small break make you to exhaust sooner or later. This leads you to stress up both physically and mentally that grows you weaker. It is must to spend some time for relaxing the entire body. Many ways are there for relieving stresses from the entire body. Yet you have not much time to spare for entertainment factors to relax even though there is an option for relaxation in short period as it can be achieved through listening music.

Music is being an effective stress management tool which helps the person to relieve themselves from all sorts of pain that’s affecting mentally and the physical body also gets a great relaxation. Music has effects on the psychological functions of the human which is highly beneficial as it supports well to ease their mind. Many genres were there in music whereas each genre is suitable according to the situation. Based on the mood can pick the music genre accordingly. Among the music genres the best genre to hear for relaxing is slow and melodious moreover the good choice would be classical music.

Go to concerts for better relaxation

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Schedule prior for attending the musical concerts

Relish the happiness with complete relaxation by going to musical concerts. For attending the concerts at first have to know where and when the event is going to take place. Scheduling before will be a good idea so there won’t be any miss and can go to concert without any urgent. To know the schedule of the Miami concerts can check them out in online. In the online site of event organizer can know regarding the schedules of the events that going to take place. With referring the schedule you can manage your timings well so that based on your convenience you can choose the concert to attend. For enjoying the concert without missing then it will be best to book the tickets earlier before it gets out for booking. Book the tickets for the event by visiting the event booking area directly or can make it easier by booking the tickets in online with the help of online payment methods.