5 Situations in Which David Koonar Says, an Amateur Photographer Won’t Cut It

5 Situations in Which David Koonar Says, an Amateur Photographer Won’t Cut It

We all know someone with an eye for snapping a great picture. Having a friend or family member who enjoys photography can be helpful during the holidays to capture those special moments, or even for kids’ sports days. Photography guru, David Koonar warns, though, that there are certain situations in which you don’t want to risk that amateur photographer, because you may just regret it. 

#1: Weddings

This special day takes a lot of planning and often a huge amount of expense, and while it might be tempting to take a friend up on their offer of some amateur snaps for your big day, cutting corners in this particular area can result in tears and great regret later on. 

Not only does a professional photographer have the equipment and expertise to make you look even more phenomenal than you already do, if they’ve done a few weddings they also understand how to get the snaps that will mean a lot to you in years to come. 

#2 Pregnancy Shoots

Pregnancy shoots are a great way of recording a journey that your child will be able to look back on one day and enjoy with you. Pregnancy is a physically uncomfortable time, though, and many women will tell you that they really didn’t feel very photogenic as they neared their due date.  

An experienced professional knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable and the best poses, lighting, and filters to use, to make you look like a model (with a belly.) 

#3 Work Shoots

With recruitment all being digitized today, almost everyone needs a few professional photographs to use in their resume, portfolio, LinkedIn pages, and websites. These shots are the first impression that your customer or prospective employer gets from you, so there’s no doubt that you want it to be a good one!

#4 Pet Shoots

For those with furry family members, there’s nothing better than capturing the perfect snap of your dog or cat, especially if they are getting on in years, and the picture may soon be a representation of your memory of them. 

If you’ve ever tried to take a posed picture of your pet, you’ll know, it’s a bit of a nightmare. Dogs move at the last minute,  and cats seem to be convinced their role on earth is to do the exact opposite of anything we ask. Enter the professional pet photographer. They have so many tricks up their sleeves, Fido will be begging for more. 

#5 Real Estate Pictures

Scroll through a real estate website, and you’ll know how important photographs are to selling a property. Considering the size of your investment in the property, can you really afford to present it for sale with anything less than professional photographs? 

Invest Now, Smile Later

If you’re planning on capturing any of the five situations listed in this article, David Koonar strongly recommends investing in the services of a professional photographer. If you don’t, you may be saving a few bucks today, but you will most certainly regret it tomorrow.