5 Situations in Which David Koonar Says, an Amateur Photographer Won’t Cut It

5 Situations in Which David Koonar Says, an Amateur Photographer Won’t Cut It

We all know someone with an eye for snapping a great picture. Having a friend or family member who enjoys photography can be helpful during the holidays to capture those special moments, or even for kids’ sports days. Photography guru, David Koonar warns, though, that there are certain situations in which you don’t want to risk that amateur photographer, because you may just regret it. 

#1: Weddings

This special day takes a lot of planning and often a huge amount of expense, and while it might be tempting to take a friend up on their offer of some amateur snaps for your big day, cutting corners in this particular area can result in tears and great regret later on. 

Not only does a professional photographer have the equipment and expertise to make you look even more phenomenal than you already do, if they’ve done a few weddings they also understand how to get the snaps that will mean a lot to you in years to come. 

#2 Pregnancy Shoots

Pregnancy shoots are a great way of recording a journey that your child will be able to look back on one day and enjoy with you. Pregnancy is a physically uncomfortable time, though, and many women will tell you that they really didn’t feel very photogenic as they neared their due date.  

An experienced professional knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable and the best poses, lighting, and filters to use, to make you look like a model (with a belly.) 

#3 Work Shoots

With recruitment all being digitized today, almost everyone needs a few professional photographs to use in their resume, portfolio, LinkedIn pages, and websites. These shots are the first impression that your customer or prospective employer gets from you, so there’s no doubt that you want it to be a good one!

#4 Pet Shoots

For those with furry family members, there’s nothing better than capturing the perfect snap of your dog or cat, especially if they are getting on in years, and the picture may soon be a representation of your memory of them. 

If you’ve ever tried to take a posed picture of your pet, you’ll know, it’s a bit of a nightmare. Dogs move at the last minute,  and cats seem to be convinced their role on earth is to do the exact opposite of anything we ask. Enter the professional pet photographer. They have so many tricks up their sleeves, Fido will be begging for more. 

#5 Real Estate Pictures

Scroll through a real estate website, and you’ll know how important photographs are to selling a property. Considering the size of your investment in the property, can you really afford to present it for sale with anything less than professional photographs? 

Invest Now, Smile Later

If you’re planning on capturing any of the five situations listed in this article, David Koonar strongly recommends investing in the services of a professional photographer. If you don’t, you may be saving a few bucks today, but you will most certainly regret it tomorrow. 

Merits and Demerits of money lending

There are various reasons for which a person needs to raise funds but for them, you can not go to money lenders to ask for a loan. Though money lending is a beneficial option for everyone when there is a need for money. Trustworthy money lenders are the only option to seek money from. Money lending has several advantages and disadvantages which are further discussed ahead in the article. You should be aware of the merits and demerits to make a rational decision effectively and efficiently.

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Here are the Merits of money lending are:

Offers flexibility and versatility

Flexibility is a key feature of money lending especially in terms of choosing tenure of repayment and fixed monthly installments. Major financial institutions and banks understand the requirement of funds well and then allow the borrowers to get the loan to fulfill their needs as per their convenience. But only by agreeing on certain terms and conditions which are the base for safe business.

Interest rates are low and borrowing limits are higher

Money lending institutions and banks often offer loans at lower interest rates than the people who do this loan giving business and charging a higher interest rate from the general public. When you get higher borrowing limits from money lenders then you are capable to cover your maximum monetary needs.


When Loans are raised from banks and money lending institutions it becomes easier to manage them well than a loan from some unauthorized sources which are not even safe to rely on.

Here are the Demerits of money lending are:

High penalties and fees

It is known to everyone that money lending institutions charge a high amount in the form of fees and penalties that won’t allow building the trust of borrowers. As a result, they opt for unauthorized sources to borrow money to avoid high fees and penalties.

Expensive payment than credit cards

Repayment of the loan amount is still a big issue than repayment of Credit card bills. On missing any installment, your credit score and market reputation get affected. The amount of loan is itself higher than the amount you can get as a credit card bill.

Increases liability

Fund borrowed from money lending source is itself a debt to the borrowers like other debt. A certain amount of money has to be paid as a fixed monthly installment along with the interest that can not be avoided. This results in not trusting over such borrowing options that raise a permanent nature expense.

Where can I find a licensed money lender?

A money lender is a person who lends small sums of money at a higher interest rate. The reason for the higher interest rates is that money lenders have a higher risk of default than traditional banks for a variety of reasons. Persons who are in severe need of money but do not have access to a bank account, people with poor credit histories, and those who are unable to obtain funds from friends or relatives turn to a moneylender for credit.

Licencing for money lending

The Revenue Department typically grants a money lender license within 3 to 4 months of the application being submitted. The application is valid for one year after it is received. However, there are a few variables that must be taken into account when issuing or renewing a license. Whether the application is qualified to conduct a money lending business and whether the applicant’s location is suitable for doing so.

Will require you to sign an agreement at all times

There must be documentation for any legally binding terms. The contract must include everything you need to know about your payday loan, including the amount of interest you’ll have to pay every month. Before authorizing and disbursing your fast cash loans, licensed moneylenders who are good at money lending in ang mo Kio must personally verify your identity.

They will not request any personal information from you

Your personal information will never be requested by a licensed moneylender. Instead, they’ll demand that you supply them with the relevant documentation, such as identification cards, driver’s licenses, and other government-issued identification cards, before proceeding.

They’ll demand security

A licensed loan provider would never provide you with a loan without requiring some type of collateral, such as ownership paperwork for your home or vehicle. If someone offers you a loan without this criterion, you should avoid doing business with them since you have no way of knowing if your funds will be safe and secure, or even if they will be returned at all.


Lastly, defend yourself by conducting research, which will protect your money from problematic individuals and businesses. So, always do your homework and double-check everything before signing anything so that you don’t have to worry about anything during your loan term. Plus, if you have any questions, you can always contact Loan Advisors for more information. Keep an eye out for loan sharks and always do your homework.

Why your shop needs signage?

Having a strong strategy, sound arrangements or strategies, and the ability to do business are all indispensable as the fundamental components of a productive business. Yet these may all be to no end if there is a shortfall in signage. Being good at signage is so essential for a productive business since it grants you a grandstand to showcase your products and services and advance your business as an indisputable brand.

Thus, while practicing eminent business strategies and being canny with accounts is certainly huge, the signage should never be ignored. Having the ability to combine these skills will help to better handle customers or clients. According to a leading reputable signage company in Singapore, these are seven reasons why extraordinary signage is principal.


Regardless of anything else, signage is the way that you can make a lasting picture in people’s minds about what your business personality is, what is your address, and clearly, what services you offer. In the digital age, signage is more important than anything else.


There is a lot of theory behind the impacts of signage and psychology. When you think about global brands, signage like McDonald’s, KFC, or BMW, what do you see? You probably remember their signage. Red can inspire intensity or shock, blue hush up, purple is heavenly or magnificent. The truth is, signage can usher mental reactions and emotions.

CostEfficient Marketing

Maybe rather than giving out hundreds to thousands of physical and standard publicizing materials like vehicle ads, flyers, notices, or other physical ads, you can turn to creative signage. A fair sign, or signage, should bring out feelings in people the second they see it. It can moreover cut your publicizing spending plan on a very basic level by making your business look charming with a fair sign out front. Additionally, that the sign stays outside your business as long you leave it there.

Convincing Communication Tool

Having extraordinary signage right outside your business adds value to your business in the minds of potential customers. Using creative effects or graphics imprints your message on people’s minds. These effects or kinds of signage can without a doubt pass on a message that lasts longer and will attract someone to associate with your business. This is a basic thing to consider while picking the right signage for your business.


Signage is important to business just like other key skills like accounting, marketing, or quality product purchasing. Without adequate signage, no business can flourish. The first step in marketing is to put your brand out there for the world to see and signage does exactly that. So choose your signage correctly and help boost your business sales.

3 Live Acts to Make Your Next Even More Fun

Cover bands. Stand-up comedians. DJs.

If you’ve been to any big party, reunion, convention, or similar event, chances are you’ve gotten used to the same array of live acts. Maybe you’re craving something new and different.

Well, they say if you want something done right you should do it yourself.

Planning a major get-together of your own? Here are three cool and creative entertainment ideas that are sure to blow your guests away.


Hypnosis isn’t real, is it? Find out for yourself by bringing a hypnotist to your next event. Perfect for quieter mid-sized gatherings, a hypnotist performance is unique both for the audience and the participants, and provides a dimension of interactive involvement few other options can.

Typically, a hypnotist will gather a group of volunteers onstage or near the front of the room, put them in a trance, and then ask them to do a number of strange, surprising, and just plain silly tasks to the surprise and amazement of the onlookers.

Want to see your best friend bark like a dog or your boss try to eat her shoe like it’s a slice of cake? If so you’re pretty weird, but a hypnotist is just what you’re looking for.

Celeb lookalikes

On a budget? Maybe you don’t have the kind of dough to hire Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, or Barack Obama to schmooze with your partygoers for an evening, but there’s no reason you can’t get the next best thing.

Having a small army of celebrity impersonators walking around doing their shtick and spouting off all their famous catchphrases is an experience no one in attendance will ever forget, especially not when they go home with selfies showing themselves sharing drinks with their favorite stars (well, kinda).

Adding a campy, tongue-in-cheek sense of fun to any gathering, a good celebrity impersonator is sometimes even better than the real thing.

Go go dancers

Planning something a bit more raucous? Trying to capture the wild, high-energy vibe of a neon-lit nightclub? Add some kinetic energy (and sex appeal) to your blowout by hiring a troupe of go go dancers to shake their stuff.

Whether perched atop tabletops or locked up in cages, dotting the periphery of your party with pretty, perky, and perfectly placed dancing girls (or guys) is a great way of adding a bit of rock ‘n’ roll decadence to the proceedings.

If you’re thinking “Where the heck am I going to find go go dancers for hire near me in this day and age?” you might be surprised. In recent years, go go has come back as a retro-chic entertainment option.

4 Ways to Make Moments Memorable

Life is full of good as well as bad experiences. One may or may not want to remember the bad ones but everyone would like to remember the good ones for sure! Hence, whenever something happens or when there are some events, you should record them in order to live them again in the future. Thus, the following are the ways in which you can make your life moments memorable:

1. Record:

One of the good ways a and best-preferred way to make the moments memorable is to record them in the form of photographs or videos. When everything is turning digital today, it is one of the best forms to record something. Therefore, never forget to turn on your camera when something good or bad is happening around you. Moreover, when it’s your wedding, you will obviously wish to make it memorable. Thus, you should hire ATEIA Photography & Video services to get the entire program record properly. 

2. Write:

People often suggest writing at the end of the day about how you are feeling. It will create memories for the future as well as make you feel light. When something bad happens, you should just write about it and burn that piece of paper. This will make you feel good and you will stop bothering about it. Whenever there comes any moment or event in your life, you should pick up a pen and a diary and start writing about the incident. You will have a relaxed and positive feeling after you are done. In later years, you will be able to relive the same moment when you read it again. Hence, be habitual of writing daily or occasionally. 

3. Draw:

Visual image is the best form of recording something. Whatever happens and what we feel leaves a particular kind of feeling and image in our mind. If you can bring that particular image that is present in your brain on paper, you will be able to get the same feeling years after you see that image again. At the end of the day, you should pick up a pencil and start drawing whatever you feel was the best part of your day. If you do not draw often, you may find it difficult initially. But on the passage of time, you will do it comfortably and will enjoy this activity as well! This will help you in making a journal of the same. 

  1. Live the Moment:

So far, we have discussed the methods of making moments memorable by recording them in some of the other ways. But firstly, you need to live that moment properly. Many times it happens that you are so lost in doing your stuff or thinking about something, you forget to enjoy a particular moment in your life. Hence, you should forget everything which is bothering you and live the happy moments. These are the moments for which we earn and do other chaotic work. Therefore, they should be enjoyed the most!

Tips For A Perfect Candid Wedding Photographs

A wedding is a one-time event for most people. Couples wish to capture the real emotions and cherished moments of their wedding. Gone are the days where couples and guests pose for shots at the wedding.  Candid photography is mostly preferred by most of the couples all around the world. This is because candid photos are more memorable and it has also become a modern trend in wedding photography. Capturing live emotions of the couple at the wedding is not that easy. People hire professionals nowadays. The following are some of the tips to click perfect and striking candid wedding photographs. 

Capture the Right Moments

A Wedding is an event of mixed emotions and it is important to record all the important moments of the wedding. A candid photographer must try to capture almost all the moments of the wedding from the wedding make-up, to the end of the wedding party. Here are some of the wedding moments that must be captured for sure by the candid wedding photographer.

Bride and Bridegrooms Entry: The candid shots of the bride and bridegroom entry into the wedding hall would reflect the anticipation of the couple about the wedding ceremony. Concentrate on their expressions, their wedding attire, bouquets, etc as it would create memories to be cherished for a lifetime.  

People Hugging: A wedding is a perfect occasion to spend some time with friends and relatives.  Concentrate on guests who socialize with each other. You can find people hugging each other when they see their loved ones. Try to capture the facial expressions of people hugging as it can bring out the love and joy of meeting their loved ones at the wedding. 

Tears of Joy: There are emotional moments at the wedding for the couple, their parents, relatives and even guests. When the wedding knot is tied there are chances of the couple expressing their joy with tears. It would be an ultimate candid photo to capture the tears of the people amidst the wedding celebration. 

Emotional Moments of Marriage Vows: Do not miss out on the actual wedding formalities and the wedding ceremony. Try to capture the emotions of the couple when they share their marriage vows in front of the guests

Focus On The Background

When capturing candid moments one can also concentrate on the background details. Capturing the decorations made in the banquet hall, the stage decorations are equally important in candid photographs. The grandeur of the wedding hall can bring out the actual feel of the wedding.  It would come out as some breathtaking photos which bring out the actual feel of the wedding celebration.

Candid  Shots Must Speak

It is important that the candid shot captured should be lively and must speak out the mixed emotions and feelings of their big day. One must be able to narrate a story with a candid shot. The entire wedding captured in the lens of a candid photographer must bring out all the precious moments of the wedding. 

Capture Fun

A wedding is oodles of fun. Candid photos can include shots of guests and couples dancing to joyous tunes, singing and playing fun games. Try to bring out all the joyous moments in the candid photos. 

Get To Know The Couple

For great candid photographs, the couple must feel comfortable and just bring out the real emotions of the wedding celebrations. Candid photographs must interact with the couple before the wedding and understand the expectations of the couple. This would help the couple to mingle with them without any hesitation. 

Take Snaps Of Guests

Candid photos are not all about focusing on couples and their emotions. It is equally important to focus on the emotions of guests who gathered around in the wedding hall. Try to capture the fun and jubilation of the guests as they feel happy for the couple. 

Be Very Vigilant

Candid wedding photographers need to be very alert. You must move around the wedding hall looking for the right emotions. This is because meaningful and emotional moments in the wedding happen unexpectedly. 

Make Use Of Props

Candid wedding photos can look even more effective with the use of the right props by the couple. Usually, props like umbrellas, sunglasses, and others are used to click pictures of the couple after the wedding celebration. 

The above tips offered would help to come up with perfect and stunning candid wedding photographs. 

How to Create Your Dream Kitchen

When it comes to home renovation, the choice of the kitchen is the most exciting part. However, it could also be stressful and time-consuming.

There’s a lot to consider! Choose the right style and find a reliable interior designer – APT212

Isn’t it great to choose your style from the showroom? It’s the most enjoyable part of the entire process. However, It’s vital to take time and think about what you require! 

Consider All Your Needs

First of all, clarify your real needs.  Make a list of the item you like and don’t like.

 It could be anything! From the space, the location, the appliances, and the color needed. This will help you focus on improving some aspects.

Asking yourself such questions will help you make the right decision. Think about whether the current space works or if it needs expansion – APT212

Standard renovation involves the elimination of walls between the kitchen and dining room. You should then consider the possibility of creating a more open environment.

Think About the Facilities

Think about the plumbing! Will you use the existing plumbing or will you need further modifications? 

For example, do you want to equip your kitchen with an island of a sink or other appliances? If yes, you’ll have to change the route of the plants to reach the desired position. 

Determine where to put the appliances. This will ensure that you have the supply points where you need them.

Evaluate Lighting

What is good practice when planning the lighting system? For this, you should make the system flexible enough for adjustments.

Secondary lighting is also essential. Consider light spots well above the cooking and preparation areas – APT212.

Find Inspiration

Deciding on the design of your kitchen is a personal choice. However, it’s important to look for the dream kitchen design inspirations.

Get inspired by successful projects by collecting images from the web or magazine. You can even clip them and create your album.

Consult a Professional Kitchen Designer

Want to get the most out of your space?

Then seek the advice of a kitchen professional. The experience of an expert will offer you innovative dream kitchen designs – APT212.

Kitchen designers have up-to-date knowledge of products and accessories. This makes your new kitchen works as efficiently as possible.

Enrich the Kitchen with Your Personality

Make your dream kitchen! Thanks to the small details! You can enhance an entire environment and make your kitchen exclusive.

For example, combine a wooden breakfast table with wooden stools. You may also cover the seats with a fabric that adapts to the color of the doors. Furniture handles can make a big transformation to the look of a kitchen.

Create your look with unusual objects. Perhaps original vintage objects or items collected during your travels. They’ll help to create a more familiar and characteristic environment – APT212.

Budget for Your Dream Kitchen

Great designs, big capital! Is this true? Let’s find out.

You want to build your dream kitchen, and you have limited capital? What do you do? No need to worry!

Always be honest with the little cash you have. When honest to the consultants, they can help you decide where to save and where to invest.

Tips on Where to Invest and Where to Save

Always look for the best work plans you can afford.

Granites or composite surfaces are all excellent investments. They’re durable and will give your kitchen a luxury finish.

Make sure the furniture is of good quality. Don’t choose structures that are too thin. They won’t last long.


If you have a limited budget, spend wisely on electrical appliances. Buy the best oven and stove that you can afford. You can always add accessories later – APT212.

Spare some time for entertainment to relieve your stress

Untiringly working hard for earning money for a happy living but continue to work without a small break make you to exhaust sooner or later. This leads you to stress up both physically and mentally that grows you weaker. It is must to spend some time for relaxing the entire body. Many ways are there for relieving stresses from the entire body. Yet you have not much time to spare for entertainment factors to relax even though there is an option for relaxation in short period as it can be achieved through listening music.

Music is being an effective stress management tool which helps the person to relieve themselves from all sorts of pain that’s affecting mentally and the physical body also gets a great relaxation. Music has effects on the psychological functions of the human which is highly beneficial as it supports well to ease their mind. Many genres were there in music whereas each genre is suitable according to the situation. Based on the mood can pick the music genre accordingly. Among the music genres the best genre to hear for relaxing is slow and melodious moreover the good choice would be classical music.

Go to concerts for better relaxation

Listening to the classical music could relieve stresses but hearing the music in the confined space won’t provide complete relaxation as only can get the peace of mind yet physical stress is not reduced. For soothing the entire body in the means of both physically and mentally can go out for musical concerts. Going to the musical concerts is worthwhile as can stay apart from work and other regular activities for a time being and joyfully shower on the music rain with family and friends. Able to have great enjoyment in the musical concerts in the outside environment with others that delivers a different experience. Attending the concert let to wash out the stresses and the entire body will be de-stressed completely.

Schedule prior for attending the musical concerts

Relish the happiness with complete relaxation by going to musical concerts. For attending the concerts at first have to know where and when the event is going to take place. Scheduling before will be a good idea so there won’t be any miss and can go to concert without any urgent. To know the schedule of the Miami concerts can check them out in online. In the online site of event organizer can know regarding the schedules of the events that going to take place. With referring the schedule you can manage your timings well so that based on your convenience you can choose the concert to attend. For enjoying the concert without missing then it will be best to book the tickets earlier before it gets out for booking. Book the tickets for the event by visiting the event booking area directly or can make it easier by booking the tickets in online with the help of online payment methods.

Greater Options for the best Photographs


Photographers who practice this kind of photo do not easily reveal the places where they have took some of their most beautiful pictures; essentially because they want keep these finds for them.

If you ask a photographer urban where one of his pictures was taken, you are apt to have a reply wave from those professionals who have chosen this photographic genre still marginal. In a sense, this is understandable since places with real potential are rather rare and difficult to find.

Favorite places

The structures abandoned are example most common photographed subjects. Sometimes these sites are forgotten places by the local population and are covered with a large amount of graffiti or are the subject of acts of vandalism. Although the targets exploration varies a country at the other, abandoned sites the most sought after are the parks industrial, old silos, factories, old power plants electric, some missile silos, hospitals, old asylums, schools or old houses.


The increase in popularity of urban photography can be simply attributed the fact that more and more photographers are engaging in this genre, so the mass media are also interested in. TV showsensure the Discovery Channel, have permit to make known the public photographers practicing this style. For the Fanny Pictures Site this is a very important matter.

Another source of information which made this genre popular is “Cities of the Underworld”; a series documentary who took place while three seasons sure History Channel. This series wandering in the whole world, showing structures underground little known in localities away from the planet.


Urban photography presents a number of hazards inherent to this style. By example, the collector’s rainwater is not designed for easy access. They can be places where floods occur instant. Some photographers have died there, it is not a very common phenomenon but it can happen, especially at certain times of the year as in the spring when the ice and snow melt.

Many old women structures abandoned present real hazards like buildings unstable, floors unsafe, glass broken, the presence of chemical products indeterminate, more particularly asbestos and even the presence of parasitic insects. Other risks inherent in urban photography are the presence of homeless drug addicts, abandoned packs of dogs and squatters hostile. Some locations abandoned can be watched by motion detectors and patrolled by private security services.


Urban photography can be a very interesting style, especially for those looking to do something other than nature and animal photos. It’s a style that does not suit everyone. Some will find in these places no artistic quality. Others, on the contrary, will be surprised and especially attracted by these abandoned places, which often give off a mysterious and intriguing atmosphere.

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