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Photographers who practice this kind of photo do not easily reveal the places where they have took some of their most beautiful pictures; essentially because they want keep these finds for them.

If you ask a photographer urban where one of his pictures was taken, you are apt to have a reply wave from those professionals who have chosen this photographic genre still marginal. In a sense, this is understandable since places with real potential are rather rare and difficult to find.

Favorite places

The structures abandoned are example most common photographed subjects. Sometimes these sites are forgotten places by the local population and are covered with a large amount of graffiti or are the subject of acts of vandalism. Although the targets exploration varies a country at the other, abandoned sites the most sought after are the parks industrial, old silos, factories, old power plants electric, some missile silos, hospitals, old asylums, schools or old houses.


The increase in popularity of urban photography can be simply attributed the fact that more and more photographers are engaging in this genre, so the mass media are also interested in. TV showsensure the Discovery Channel, have permit to make known the public photographers practicing this style. For the Fanny Pictures Site this is a very important matter.

Another source of information which made this genre popular is “Cities of the Underworld”; a series documentary who took place while three seasons sure History Channel. This series wandering in the whole world, showing structures underground little known in localities away from the planet.


Urban photography presents a number of hazards inherent to this style. By example, the collector’s rainwater is not designed for easy access. They can be places where floods occur instant. Some photographers have died there, it is not a very common phenomenon but it can happen, especially at certain times of the year as in the spring when the ice and snow melt.

Many old women structures abandoned present real hazards like buildings unstable, floors unsafe, glass broken, the presence of chemical products indeterminate, more particularly asbestos and even the presence of parasitic insects. Other risks inherent in urban photography are the presence of homeless drug addicts, abandoned packs of dogs and squatters hostile. Some locations abandoned can be watched by motion detectors and patrolled by private security services.


Urban photography can be a very interesting style, especially for those looking to do something other than nature and animal photos. It’s a style that does not suit everyone. Some will find in these places no artistic quality. Others, on the contrary, will be surprised and especially attracted by these abandoned places, which often give off a mysterious and intriguing atmosphere.

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